About The Ninj

Hi, I'm Julianne.

Or Jules.

Or The Ninj.

Just never, ever Julie.

So what's this all about?
About 10 years ago, my eyes were opened to the importance of eating real, locally sourced food and how that can transform how you live and how you feel.

I hate that so many people rely on fast food, takeout or other unhealthy, processed food options simply because they think they're too busy to cook or are too intimidated to try. To help, I created Yankee Kitchen Ninja to illustrate how to eat better without a huge time investment through healthy, easy recipes, DIY pantry staples and home-preserved food -- the Way of Better Eating.

If I can do it, so can you.

Why “Yankee Kitchen Ninja”?
Why not? :-) No, seriously ...

Kitchen Ninja: We all want to have some kind of mad skills like a ninja, right? Since mine currently seem to center around food – reading about it, growing it, preparing it and eating it – and since the food center of our homes is the kitchen … you do the math.

And the Yankee part? That's just what I am. While I have enjoyed living in many different parts of the United Sates (currently in Kentucky), I'm originally from New England. You know ... Yankeeland.

Working with The Ninj
If you're interested in working with me for sponsored posts, recipe development, product reviews or any other ideas, please contact me at kitninja (at) gmail (dot) com.

I welcome reader comments and feedback.

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