Monday, September 12, 2016

DIY autumn citrus spice room spray

While I have been compensated for creating this DIY autumn citrus spice room spray by #CollectiveBias and Nature's Truth, all thoughts and opinions are my own. #StimulateTheSenses

DIY autumn citrus spice room spray

Learn how easy it is to make your own DIY citrus spice room spray for fall using essential oils

Regular readers who remember my natural bug spray from earlier in the summer know that I'm a big fan of incorporating essential oils into my lifestyle. So I was thrilled when Nature's Truth asked me to create a DIY project featuring their blended essential oils to celebrate fall.

My biggest challenge was trying to pick just one of the scents!

Now that it's back-to-school time and cool fall weather is just around the corner, I opted to use the Purify botanical blend to create this easy DIY autumn citrus spice room spray. With scents of clove, lemongrass, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary, Purify offers the perfect blend of comforting fall spices combined with invigorating citrus notes.

And who wouldn't want a room to smell like that?

Easy DIY Aromatherapy Room Spray

Aromatherapy is a powerful thing. I'm sure you've had one of those experiences in which you smell a scent and it immediately evokes a vivid memory of a certain time or place. One whiff of this autumn room spray and I feel like I'm taking a walk through fallen leaves, wrapped in a cozy sweater, on a crisp and cool fall day.

Plus, this room spray is crazy-easy to make. All you need is some distilled water, a few drops of the oil and a little witch hazel or vodka to bind the oil and water together before spraying.

DIY autumn citrus spice room spray

I like to mix up batches in little 4-ounce glass spray bottles. They're handy for keeping in nearly every room of the house. And not just the bathrooms: I put one in the guest room and spray some on the bed linens before guests arrive.

Plus, I dressed up the bottles with a little burlap wrap secured with a dab of hot glue and a craft paper stick-on label. (Note: I'm not all that crafty and it was very easy -- so you can do it, too!)

DIY autumn citrus spice room spray

Voila! Easy peasy, plus they look really snazzy on a bedside table or next to the sink.

DIY autumn citrus spice room spray

Using Essential Oils Around the House

I was excited to learn about the Nature's Truth oils, since they are so readily available at stores like CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens and Target (I bought my oils at CVS -- be sure to look for them in the vitamin aisle, not in the beauty section of the store). As an added incentive, you can score a $1.00 coupon for your next purchase!

DIY autumn citrus spice room spray

Each blended oil is derived from 100 percent pure plant sources and there are so many amazing scent blends other than Purity, including
  • Mental Clarity (refreshing floral notes)
  • Breathe Easy (sweet, herbal and minty)
  • Calming (floral, sweet and citrusy with notes of spice)

With all these different blends, I'm already thinking beyond room sprays or scent diffusers. This fall, I'm going to try adding a few drops of one of these refreshing blends
  • To the smelly kitchen trash can
  • To the inside of Mr. Ninj's gym bag
  • To a terry washcloth that gets popped into the dryer
  • To a steamy tub of bath water and pretend I'm at a spa.

Join me! What's your favorite way to use essential oils around the house? Leave a comment: The Ninj wants to know.

DIY autumn citrus spice room spray

DIY Autumn Citrus Spice Room Spray

3 1/2 ounces distilled water
1 tablespoon witch hazel or vodka
15-20 drops Nature's Truth Purify Essential Oil

Combine all the ingredients in a glass spray bottle. Shake well before each use.
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  1. I seriously love Fall scents, so I am all about this one! What a fun idea to make room sprays and keep 'em all over the house. (And great presentation with the burlap, too.) Thanks so much for sharing this idea, Ninj! #client

  2. What if you don't have access to that particular brand? Any idea which essential oils are in the mix? I find the stores in my area that carry essential oils are carrying individual oils more than mixes.

    1. Check out the Nature's Truth web site ( -- if you click on each blend, it will give you a list of ingredients, which identifies which individually oils are used to make the blend. And, just FYI, you can find Nature's Truth on if you can't find it locally. ENJOY!

  3. Julianne!

    Just rediscovered your blog and remembered how awesome it was...made the turkey pilaf the other night for dinner and it was a HUGE hit. Super kid-friendly, too, which is always an added bonus!!!!
    xo Jones

  4. I keep seeing essential oils around but haven't really known any ideas for using them. This is perfect--and easy to make is an extra bonus. These would make great gifts, too, especially with your pretty labels.