Friday, October 29, 2010

DIY tube pan: a baking trick (and a cake recipe)

I really wanted to bake a cake yesterday.

Not just any cake, though -- What Julia Ate has a recipe for a moist but not-too-sweet jam cake that I like to make for breakfast. I love it because it is simple, fast and calls for a jar of jam, which I now seem to have too much of in my pantry, given that I started making my own.

The one I had my eye on was a Japanese plum jam made by my friend Meredith. I knew it would be perfect in this cake.

So what was the problem, you ask? No tube pan.

Julia's recipe calls for a 9-inch tube pan and, being fairly uptight about rules and directions, I like to follow recipes pretty closely. I made the cake once before in a Bundt pan, but the batter didn't really fill it up, which puts the cake at risk of falling apart when released from the pan (mine didn't but I don't like to tempt fate).

But this is why they invented the internet, right? So googled "tube pan substitute" -- no luck. But "DIY tube pan"?


The best part was that I only have 8-inch round cake pans, so the recipe for one large jam cake turned into two small ones. I popped one into the freezer to enjoy the next time we have guests.

So today, here are two handy links for your bookmarking tool.

Now go bake a cake.