Friday, December 10, 2010

What we ate this week

After a brief hiatus, I'm back.

I spent a few days this week back in North Carolina, checking on my still-for-sale house (make me an offer -- we are motivated sellers) and catching up with friends. But don't fret, it was still a ninja-filled week, as evidenced by the ninjabread men I carried on the plane with me. (Thanks to Lisa for turning me on to the cookie cutters, which I purchased at Serendipity Boutique of New London, one of my favorite kitschy little stores since I was 10 years old. But you can also find them at Amazon.)

I also finished up Anthony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential. I so want to go on vacation with him and eat lots of pork. I love you, Tony -- even more so now that your hair is steely gray.

It was also a good-for-the-soul visit for this blogger because nearly everyone I reconnected with mentioned reading this blog, even referring to specific recipes. Yay -- lurking readership! This means my blog is not, as it often feels, just a very public conversation between my sister and me.

But enough about my trip. Here's what we've been eating:

Finally, a fun fact: living in a 100+-year-old house means you actually get to see "frosted windowpanes", just as described in the carol. Wicked!


  1. LOVE those ninja cookie cutters!

  2. I just updated the post to include a link -- you can buy them on Amazon (of course you can)!

  3. Holy cripes, those are THE BEST!!! Leave it to Serendipity to have such excellence. And the heck with amazon; you should just post Serendipity's phone number--I'm sure they ship.

    I'm glad you're back--I was getting hungry.

  4. I just bought those cookie cutters for my 4th degree black-belt sister (TKD) :)