Monday, April 11, 2011

What we ate this week: crockpot recipes

Creamy chicken and biscuits
Last week wound up being a busy one for us, as we're in the middle of buying a new home. When I know I'm going to need to be gone all afternoon and not have a lot of time to prep dinner, I love to break out the crockpot.

So I tried two new crockpot recipes that both came from the March issue of Real Simple magazine -- I don't subscribe but my dear friend let me swipe her copy to try out these recipes. (Aside: I swear this is true -- mental, yes, but true: the main reason I don't subscribe is because it irks me to no end that "real simple" is grammatically incorrect -- it's offensive to English majors everywhere and I just can't get over it.)

I was very skeptical of the spinach and ricotta lasagna (lasagna? in a freakin' crockpot?), but damn if it didn't turn out wicked!

And the creamy chicken and biscuits were superb -- like a super-easy chicken pot pie. Trust me, Mr. Ninj never ever ever ooohs and aaahs over vegetables but slap a buttery biscuit on top and he was hooked.

Let me know if you try either one and what you think!

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