Monday, May 16, 2011

CSA Share Ninja Rescue: cabbage, kale and peas

Courtesy of Lousam of the NHL team via stock.xchng
Welcome to the first installment of the CSA Share Ninja Rescue, where you tell me what items in your CSA share are making you scratch your head or lose your patience and I provide you with some help in the form of recipes or ideas.

Commenters from last week were looking for recipe ideas for cabbage, kale and peas.

If you have not received any peas in your share, just substitute frozen peas.

  • Pea-camole from Simple Bites: Think guacamole but more like a veggie dip!
  • Pea soup from Dorie Greenspan: Dorie makes this one as a winter soup with frozen peas, but it would be lovely with fresh peas as well. This is not sickly green like a split-pea soup but bright and fresh.
  • Ham and cheese mac with peas from Cooking Light: A sing-songy name and a taste even your picky kid eaters will love.

  • Asian coleslaw from Christina Keyes via Cooking Light: This one calls for two different kinds of cabbage so you can use whatever is native to your area.
  • Cabbage and sausage casserole from Real Simple: Hey, it's only got four ingredients, one of which is sausage, so it MUST be good!

  • Baked pasta with kale from Cooking Light: The original recipe calls for collards but I have substituted kale many times with yummy success.
  • Brazilian greens from Gourmet via my friend Kristen via Epicurious: Another recipe designed for collards but perfect for any hardy green.

Cabbage OR Kale:
  • Nouveau colcannon from The Ninj and Mark Bittman: Yep, you read about it recently and it is still awesome. Add or subtract the add-ins per your own preferences.

Be sure to post a comment below and let me know what you need help with for next week!


  1. I have kale in my fridge (which I love) but the Braz. greens sounds just right for tomorrow! Thanks!

  2. I made the cabbage and sausage casserole and it was quite good and SUPER easy (which I really like).

  3. I, too, heart super easy -- glad you liked it!!