Friday, January 13, 2012

Detox January, Week 2: Nutella-banana popsicles

Nutella-banana pops
Yes, you read that correctly.

Nutella-banana popsicles.

Yes, for our Detox January.

Because each pop is only about 145 calories and 5 grams of fat (based on my getting 14 pops out of the recipe).

And they are loaded with fruit, which we all know is good for you and very Detoxy.

It's partially a size thing but also an ingredient thing; that is, the size is smallish and the ingredients are just two: yep, Nutella and bananas.

Making these pops really couldn't be easier. In fact, I'm not even going to both to write out a "recipe" because it's ludicrously simple.

Put six peeled bananas and 1 cup Nutella in a blender or food processor and whirl it all up until smooth. Pour the mixture into popsicle molds or the old dixie-cup-with-a-stick-in-it and freeze.

Of course, I have had popsicle molds for a number of years and just gave them away when we moved because I almost never used them. Figures. So I had to buy dixie cups and popsicle sticks, both of which for some reason come only in packages of 8 bajillion, which means I now pretty much have a lifetime supply.

But that's good because it means I can make 8 bajillion more Nutella-banana popsicles.

The other great thing is that I found this "recipe" (from Rumkihn Crafts) via Pinterest: if you're not using it, you should be. If you are using it, why not follow the Ninj?

You never know what kind of bad-ass desserts and such will turn up on my boards.

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  1. Oh my, these sound really good, although I'm not sure I could actually wait for them to freeze and would just eat it with a spoon. I have a little of an issue with nutella.

  2. Don't really think this could be a detox food since Nutella has sugar as the main ingredient. As well as milk and artificial flavor.

  3. @Gabriela: I guess you're not a follower of our Detox January because "Detox" for us just means eating less fatty foods and giving up alcohol for a month. So these pops fit in quite nicely with our definition of detox. Thanks for checking it out!

  4. Oh my. I might be drooling. Also, you made me giggle with your story about the bajillion dixie cups. Thanks for linking up to Snacktime Saturday.