Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ninja cookies -- happy 2nd birthday!

Ninja cookies!
It's hard for me to believe but today is the two year anniversary / birthday of this blog.

Does that make it a blogiversary?

And, oddly, not only is it the two-year anniversary and but also I have written 222 posts. Seems like I should play the lottery today, right?

After two years, I can say that I'm proud of what I've accomplished with this little blog:
  • My photography skills have gone from non-existent to pretty good
  • I have cooked and eaten a ton of new dishes, learning cool new techniques along the way, and rarely made the same thing twice
  • I have gained enough confidence to know instinctively how to tweak recipes, even on the first try
  • I'm beginning to have enough confidence to create my own dishes
  • I've "met" an awful lot of really nice people here.
So thanks for reading me, for laughing out loud and letting me know you're out there ... and that I'm not just chatting absentmindedly with myself in a very public way.


As far as the cookies go -- really, would you have expected anything else but ninjas?

There's nothing difficult here, just some plain sugar cookies topped with pre-rolled fondant cutouts. Only after I made them did I realize I could have saved myself some time by using Girl Scout Thin Mints.

(Yeah, like anyone just has those hanging around more than four minutes after they enter the house.)

I'd give you the cookie recipe but sometimes ninjas just need to be a little stealthy.

'Cause that's how ninjas roll.

Ever feel as if you're being watched?


  1. Congrats on 2 years! It has been a lot of fun watching you and this blog grow!! I can't wait to see what the next year has in store for you! :)

  2. ... or fudge-dipped oreos...

  3. Congratulations on 2 years! I love those cookies--adorable! And slightly menacing?

  4. The oreos are also an excellent suggestion! And thanks, Kiersten -- but would you expect a jolly ninja on that cookie? :-)

  5. Wow, it's gone by very fast--congrats, ninj!!

    I totally love those cookies....if I'm nice will your share your secret? My kiddos would love those for their birthdays.

  6. No secret, Irene -- it's just prerolled fondant (you can but it by the box in craft stores that sell cake baking supplies, like Michael's) that I cut into shapes. I used a biscuit cutter for the circle and an exacto knife for the rest.