Monday, June 17, 2013

CSA Share Ninja Rescue 2013: kohlrabi (6 ways)

Photo by Michael and Christa Richert via the stock.xchng

Welcome to another installment of the 2013 edition of CSA Share Ninja Rescue, a weekly feature in which you tell me on Fridays what veg you got in your CSA share box (or found at the farmers' market) that you don't know what to do with and I'll give you a whole slew of recipe ideas on the following Monday.

Recipes by request: how cool and easy is that?

This week, my readers are looking for help with kohlrabi. You might not even know what it is -- but it's that alien-looking veg you see in the photo above. Freaky, no? 

Kohlrabi is a root vegetable, either green or purple, that is in the same family as cabbage (and even tastes a bit like it), so, when shredded, it makes a great substitute for cabbage. It is has historically been widely popular throughout eastern Europe, due to its cold-hardiness. I also learned recently that is sometimes referred to as "German turnip."

Ready to get creative with kohlrabi? Here are six ways:
  1. Potato-kohlrabi puree: a great alternative to mashed potatoes (you could throw a little celeriac in here, too)
  2. Roasted kohlrabi: simple and delicious side dish
  3. Quick kohlrabi pickles: pickling non-traditional veg yields some fun, interesting results 
  4. Kohlrabi soup: this would be a unique (and easy!) starter for your next big family dinner
  5. Sweet and spicy slaw: simply substitute kohlrabi for the cabbage -- lovely with burgers
  6. Nouveau colcannon: again, substitute kohlrabi for the greens -- it will add a nice touch of crunchiness
Now, with what veg can I give you a little help next Monday? Leave a comment -- The Ninj wants to know.


  1. It makes a great crudité for dips too!

  2. Yay kohlrabi! I just use it wherever I'd use broccoli. Slaw and soup are very high on the list, as is stir-fry with garlic.

    1. I'm going to have to try using it in place of broccoli -- thanks for the tip, Eileen!

  3. I grew this last year and most of my friends, here in KY, were not familiar with it. Love its fresh taste and roasted is my favorite.

    1. Great to have affirmation for the roasted version -- thanks, Michelle!

  4. I have nothing to say about kohlrabi; but the new look is GREAT!!!