Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pink grapefruit & pomegranate marmalade: a recipe

It's like a divine light is shining through it, right?! Cool.
Once I put my canning pot away last fall, I didn't think I'd see it again until summer.

But damn, I just really, really, really needed to see something that isn't the color of mud right now.

And I'm pretty proud of my snazzy little label cards, too.

By the way, we're supposed to get another 8 inches of snow on April 1st. I will just spend the day staring at these marmalade jars and pretending it's not happening.

You can find the recipe over at Simple Bites.


  1. I love love love marmalade - and have never tried canning. I am definitely putting this on the "to learn and do" list. Got any good pumpkin or apple butter recipes? My other spread-love!

  2. Canning and preserving are really not hard at all! Go ahead and take the plunge. I would HIGHLY recommend the Ball company's "Blue Book of Preserving" as your starter guide -- all the how-to's plus a ton of recipes, all from the folks that make the jars. You can find it anywhere they sell canning supplies (local hardware store or Lowe's/Home Depot are good places to start). Let me know if you have questions!

  3. Love the labels! And the color of the marmalade is so pretty.