Friday, July 22, 2011

Blueberry cobbler bars: a recipe

Blueberry cobbler bars
Fresh, juicy fruits and berries are some of the best things about summer, don't you think?

Right now in Vermont, fresh means blueberries. But not from our yard, sadly.

Before we moved in to our new house, the wee orchard was invaded by rose chafer beetles, and it appears they did some irreparable damage to this year's fruit harvest. As an example, the previous owners told us they harvested a full bushel of peaches last year; this year, I can't even tell which trees are peach because they have absolutely no fruit.

Which is why I'm thankful for dedicated local farmers, who clearly are better at growing fruit than I will ever be!

Earlier this week, I used some of my berry haul to make a blueberry-peach shortcut galette. Late yesterday afternoon I decided I wanted to make a cobbler or something for dessert but was running short on time.

A quick search of the Dinner with Julie site (I love her, just LOVE her!) turned up Blueberry Cobbler Cookie Bars: quick and easy!

To be fair, I'm leaving out the "cookie" part of the title because I think they lack that cookie bar density and I don't want to mislead you. But barring that (ha ha ha), they are excellent -- denser than cake or cobbler but with that biscuity cobbler texture.

And, as with all my favorite desserts, you can justify eating this for breakfast tomorrow, too.

RECIPE LINK: Blueberry Cobbler Bars from Dinner with Julie


  1. Two thumbs up from Mario on this recipe - I made it twice this weekend.

  2. Twice? Excellent!! Glad you (and Mario) liked them.