Monday, July 18, 2011

CSA Share Ninja Rescue: celery

Wicked awesome macaroni salad
The CSA Share Ninja Rescue feature is back, this week featuring celery.

Yes, just celery. But that's OK.

All I can think is that everyone is inundated with tomatoes, with which you don't need any recipe help, as you are just eating them whole, with lots of salt, or in a fabulous tomato sandwich.

If that's you, shut up. We're still waiting on tomatoes up here in Vermont.

So, back to the celery:

  • Macaroni salad from Eating Well: I could go on and on and on about how amazingly delicious this pasta salad is (I ate the whole bowl by myself in two days -- THAT'S how good it is). As an added bonus, it is loaded with healthy veg and is low fat and low calorie (even WITH the cheese topping, which I didn't bother to add). Seriously perfect summer food! I added some cooked chicken which made it even heartier.
  • Braised celery with crunchy breadcrumb topping from Molly Stevens and 101 Cookbooks, by way of my cousin Susan: I think this would be perfect with a nice roasted chicken.
  • Celery and pear bisque from Bon Appetit and the Ninj: Super easy, wonderful flavor.
  • Bloody Mary tomato salad from Bon Appetit: The name is NOT an exaggeration! This is the perfect vehicle for fresh tomatoes and makes a lively accompaniment to grilled steak. Eat the pairing outside for the perfect summer meal.

So, whatcha gettin' in your box next week?

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  1. I hate all those tomato people. My plants are huge but bare, I suspect some evil little critter is eating any tomatoes that might even be thinking about getting ripe.

    I'm going to try that macaroni salad, which I will of course call "wicked awesome macaroni salad".

    so WHEN do we get to see house pix?