Monday, September 19, 2011

Nutella cheesecake brownies: a recipe

Nutella cheesecake brownies
As is evident just by the name, these brownies were wicked awesome.

But this is less a post about the recipe itself than it is about how I found it. Behold, the power of the internet.

I know, I know, this is not news.

I'm fully aware that my food blog is one of about 8 gazillion others out there, with all of us hoping that something may come from it but odds being that nothing ever will, other than our having a good time cooking, writing about it and meeting other folks who like to do the same.

The twist here is that I did not find this recipe via the usual round of link-to's from other food blogs. I found it on a relatively new site called Pinterest (thanks to Kim Chang for introducing me).

The concept behind Pinterest is fun and a technique that most designers use: create inspiration / idea boards on which you can "pin" pictures from web sites that really get you jazzed. For instance, I'm going to create a board for light fixture ideas for our recently remodeled kitchen. And I've already created boards for food / recipes and DIY crafts and projects.

Here's the cool part, the part that makes it really webbish. You can see what the other Pinterest members are pinning and, if you see something you like, you can re-pin it to one of your own boards. And if you really find someone whose taste is similar or whose pins inspire you, you can "follow" them.

Creative community-building. I like it.

[So, Ninj, you may be asking, what the hell does this have to with brownies?]

I found this recipe via Pinterest, because another member posted a photo of it. Believe me, I don't think there's any other way I would have found my way to the cooking blog of a 15-year-old girl from New Jersey.

So go ahead and check out Pinterest; you never know where you'll end up. If you join, go ahead and follow the Ninj -- I'd love to see your food pins.

And thanks to Erika Rojek for the great brownie recipe!

Recipe link: Nutella Cheesecake Brownies from The Teenage Taste

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  1. Since someone asked, I calculated the nutritional value and if you use reduced-fat cream cheese and unsweetened applesauce as I did, each brownie (12 per pan) has 9 grams of fat and 335 calories.