Monday, August 26, 2013

CSA Share Ninja Rescue 2013: corn (9 ways)

Welcome back! Regular readers know that Monday is the day we share the CSA Share Ninja Rescue, a weekly feature in which you tell me on Fridays what veg you got in your CSA share box (or found at the farmers' market) that you don't know what to do with and I'll give you a whole bunch of recipe ideas on the following Monday.

(Since summer is winding down, we're getting to the last few installments of the Rescue for this year. If you need help with some veg, be sure to let me know quickly!)

This week: corn! In my opinion, it's one of the things that makes summer so wonderful.

And traditional corn-on-the-cob is always a tasty option, whether you boil it, grill it, slather it in butter or just eat it plain. But have you considered some other ways to prepare sweet summer corn?

I discovered, after making a fresh corn salad (pictured) for the first time a few years ago that I actually prefer it raw in salads. You can just zip it right off the cob and it's ready to go (the OXO corn zipper will be your new best friend).

Here are nine delicious ways to enjoy all that awesome summer corn -- and none of them involve the cob!

What's your favorite way to eat corn? Leave a comment: The Ninj wants to know.


  1. I love corn salad--do you think this recipe would work using leftover grilled corn? We always seem to have too much and I end up throwing it out.

    I love that corn gadget, I de-corn a lot and that looks much better than a knife.

    1. Sure, it would work fine with grilled corn. I half the recipe all the time, too. If you eat a lot of corn, the zipper is a must-have kitchen gadget!

  2. I want me some of those corn fritters...and corn cocktail...AWESOME!!! We normally just fry freshly cut off the cob corn in a skillet with butter and have to burn it a little though...that's what makes it sooooo gooood :)

    1. That's calling "charring" or "Cajun style", right? ;-)