Monday, August 12, 2013

CSA Share Ninja Rescue 2013: carrots (9 ways)

Happy Monday, friends! Why so happy? Because Monday is the day we share the CSA Share Ninja Rescue, a weekly feature in which you tell me on Fridays what veg you got in your CSA share box (or found at the farmers' market) that you don't know what to do with and I'll give you a whole bunch of recipe ideas on the following Monday.

Coming up in gardens this week are lots of colorful, yummy carrots. I was a little boring this year and planted small orange carrots; if they survive the swarm of bunnies in my yard, next year I might try some purple heirloom varieties. They'd look so lovely in salads and slaws.

Speaking of which, the French carrot slaw featured in my photo is deeeeeelicious and included in this week's recipe roundup below. I love it because it's not the deli-counter mayo-laden, raisin-studded salad of my youth but instead a tangy, crisp side that really lets the flavors of the fresh carrots shine through.

  • French carrot salad: It's the mustard that gives it that certain  je ne sais quoi
  • Dilly carrots: You love dilly beans, so why not quick-pickle some carrots?
  • Carrot-fennel soup: One of my favorites from Amanda Hesser (or, at least, Amanda Hesser's friend)
  • Morning glory breakfast muffins: Start your day off with a carrot-cakey muffin that's packed with healthy goodness
  • Carrot jam: Lovely on the aforementioned breakfast muffins or anywhere you'd normally use marmalade
  • Potato-zucchini-carrot pancakes: With an egg baked into the top and a crisp green salad on the side, these savory pancakes make a nice summer dinner
  • Carrot cake oatmeal: Doesn't that sounds delightful? This will become a fall favorite around Casa de Ninj for sure
  • Carrot lemonade: One of Michelle Obama's favorite summertime drinks, with a gingery twist
  • Carrot martini: Because you can always count on The Ninj to booze up your veggies

Do you have a favorite carrot recipe? Leave a comment; The Ninj wants to know.

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