Friday, August 2, 2013

Garden protection tips and Nite Guard giveaway winner

Thanks to everyone who entered last week's Nite Guard Solar garden protection giveaway. The lucky winner (picked by number generator via was Katherine C., who is hoping the units will help her in her fight against deer. Keep us posted, Katherine!

(And if you didn't win, don't despair: you can still buy your own units!)

I'm feeling rather fortunate (sort of) that I only have to contend with deer and bunnies, as well as the ocasional bear passing through. My readers apparently also have to deal with squirrels, chipmunks, cats, possums, raccoons and rats (UGH)!

In addition to announcing the winner, I decided also to include a roundup of all the other critter prevention suggestions that came in via the comments, as well as some others I've heard bandied about.

  • Raised beds (too high for bunnies!)
  • Marigolds (and fragrant herbs except basil) planted around the border
  • Dogs (but only some!)
  • Liquid Fence (US) / Bobbex (Canada)
  • Human hair
  • Coyote (or other predator) urine
  • Red pepper spray
  • Netting (for tender greens)
  • Castor oil (for burrowing voles)

Lastly, the most effective "weapon" we have ever used to keep the deer from our garden was water. Well, water in the form of motion-activated fan sprinklers. (The only reason I don't use them now is that we don't have a water source close enough to the garden; if you do have water nearby, these sprinklers are THE BEST!)

Not only did it startle the deer away when they got too close, but it also provided us with endless amusement as we watched unsuspecting early morning joggers passing by our garden. :-)

Have any of these methods worked for you? Or perhaps failed? Leave a comment: The Ninj wants to know.


  1. We've been battling a raccoon at our bird feeder. Finally spent mucho dollars and got some fancy schmancy pole with a raccoon baffle. Seems to be working.

    1. Excellent! Although, for serious amusement, check out the "Yankee Flipper" -- hilarious!