Friday, October 25, 2013

Hard cider: how to make your own

How to Make Hard Cider: A Tutorial

Making hard cider is one of The Ninj's favorite fall activities. Now is the perfect time to get some fresh-pressed juice and get started. The process takes some time but the payoff is delicious! If you'd like to learn how to make your own hard cider, check out my three-part tutorial.

Be sure to read through all three installments before you begin. There are many helpful links throughout to the cider-making supplies that you will need.


  1. Looks great Ninj! I think I'll just wait for you to share yours with me again. Ha ha. I think the brown sugar one won our taste test.

    1. Oh, sure, take the easy way out. ;-) Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Wow...this looks awesome! I've made my own wine before, but never cider. Thanks for the tips.

  3. Why do we have to live so far apart? This sounds awesome! I would totally be at your door for a taste.